Andrew Teheran is the director and founder of the New Media Studies magnet program of East Side High School in Newark, New Jersey. Starting out as a traditional visual arts teacher, Mr. Teheran began to take on a leadership role in infusing new technologies into the district's curriculum. While maintaining high standards in traditional craftsmanship, his program leads the district in the infusion of new technologies into a cross-curricular and inter-disciplinary model that emphasizes long-term, project-based goals within a real-world context. He leads a team of teachers from a variety of subject areas including: Social Studies, English, Foreign Languages, Music and Graphic design. This team works in concert to develop innovative and engaging educational experiences for their students. Their students produce original programming for local television stations, public service announcements for community organizations, promotional content for non-profit organizations throughout the country, and media content for local art galleries. The students' award winning work has been seen in film festivals throughout the state, recognized nationally by non-profit organizations and decorated and screened in Europe.  


Examples of Student Work



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