Andrew Teheran is a New Jersey based sculptor, filmmaker, educator and new media artist. He was born in New York City to parents of South American and Scandinavian descent. He holds a degree in Art History from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under the auspices of Temple University, he spent a semester of study in Rome. He went on to post-baccalaureate work in sculpture and art education at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, New Jersey and has recently received his MFA in Creative Practice with Transart Institute in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Teheran has been teaching at East Side High School in New Jersey’s Newark Public School district for over twelve years. Within the district and throughout the state, he has been celebrated and decorated for his distinguished work in arts education. In 2009 Andrew received the Apple Computer Distinguished Educator Award. Only fifty teachers in the United States are picked bi-annually for this prestigious honor. His distinguished pedagogical career continues at East Side where he has founded and directs it’s award winning, internationally recognized New Media Studies Magnet Program. Andrew Teheran currently creates avant-garde films, performs live video with jazz and experimental performance groups, designs video installations, and serves as a media advisor for a number of urban galleries, along with his sculptural and educational work.


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